What the Photographer has been up to

So I haven’t posted in a while, but that’s going to change right…about…now.

Staff photos from Spring Retreat coming soon…

{m}22 staff


“Packing Up”

“Jessica I”

“Night Watch”

Just a few photos I shot over the break. Hopefully some of this will inspire you to create your own art. Happy Shooting!

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He’s Got the Remedy, I’ve Got the (Visual) Imagery

We here at Maganda Magazine like to showcase Filipino/American artists, especially those of whom are in the Bay Area.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a local (for the time being), Filipino/American artist.

Today, I attended the Jason Mraz concert at the Greek Theater in UC Berkeley as a photographer for the Blue & Gold Yearbook. Albeit I was only allowed to shoot 3 songs, it was enough for me to get a few hundred pictures. But this particular picture struck me the most.

I felt that this photo captured the dynamic of the concert well. His face is highly animated, leading down to the prominent veins of his neck, supplying blood to the mouth that pleases a sold out Greek Theater. His hand is suspended in a gesture that motions for a reaction from the audience. The light perfectly hits the mic as he belts out another catchy line, with his presence alone serving as a beacon of light for his fans. Framed in the shapes of the theater, Jason Mraz entertains an exuberantly packed house.

I had a great time. I hope that some of you were able to attend his concert. If you didn’t, make sure to get a ticket the next time he’s around, you won’t be disappointed.

Check out my flickr for more of my pictures.

{ Justin Gonzaga/webmaster}