Spotlight’s On: the Pinoy Breakfast


Bay Area Bites, KQED public radio’s food blog, highlight’s the traditional Pilipino breakfast this weekend. Finally! Our traditional pan de sal, longanisa, tocino, ensaimada, mangoes, sticky rice, dried fish, salty egg, corned beef, and fried garlic-rice gets the attention it deserves from a more mainstream part of the culinary community!

A Pinoy breakfast

If you like food (and you’d be soul-less if you didn’t), and if you especially like Pilipino breakfast foods, or if you simply want to learn more about it, Bay Area Bites blogger Thy Tran’s post includes a sweet reflection on a few of the delicacies of the Pilipino breakfast. She calls Pilipino’s “hearty eaters,” and also calls the range of Pinoy breakfast “impressive.” She CLEARLY knows what’s up.

She also includes a short list of some Bay Area restaurants that serve Pinoy breakfast, and a link to another blog that has a scrumptious roundup of various real-life Pinoy breakfasts complete with pretty pictures! With that said, don’t visit these blogs if you’re hungry! And if you do, you can’t say I didn’t warn you! Happy Eating!

❤ Post and photos by Krizia S.