Every year, we publish an annual literary and visual arts anthology, composed of submissions from all over the world, revolving around a theme that we find relevant to the world around us. View a list of all of our past publications.

We choose the theme collectively as {m}aganda staff in the fall semester. The theme attempts to address a political, cultural or societal issue that we believe is important to raise awareness for in that particular year. Once our theme is chosen, the Editor-in-Chief and Literary Editor work closely to create a Call for Submissions, usually a poem or prose piece, and/or illustration, to capture what the theme means to the staff and provoke thoughts around the theme for potential contributors.

We release this call for submissions in the fall semester of the school year; close submissions at the end of January in the spring semester; and publish by the end of the school year. All work must be submitted in accordance with our submissions guidelines.

We accept submissions from anyone and everyone. You do not have to be Filipino to submit.

The publication is edited and designed by the {m}aganda staff and interns, all of whom are UC Berkeley students. We use Adobe InDesign to create all pages of the magazine.

The magazine is published in late April, and released by way of a Launch Reception + Open Mic in early May before the end of the school year.

If you are interested in purchasing a magazine, please contact maganda.distribution@gmail.com with your request. View more information about purchasing a magazine here.


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