[m}aganda’s “I Love You…Not” Open Mic: The Game of Love

M}AGANDA MAGAZINE is enamored with bringing to you our most anticipated open mic of the year: “I Love You… Not” Open Mic: The Game of Love!

Confess your love, recite your resentment, vibe with the romantics around you, and enter in our *GAME OF CHANCE* (details below). We offer you a safe space for the sharing of love’s wins and losses, love that has made your heart swoon or swell, love that is or has been simple and/or complex.

Reserve your spot to perform at: http://tinyurl.com/magandaopenmic.

In a collaborative fundraising effort, {m} and PAA are hosting a *GAME OF CHANCE*. EVERYONE IS INVITED for a chance to WIN A RENDEZVOUS DATE chosen at random in a raffle-like manner. In purchasing a single ticket for $3, or our BUY-2-GET-1-FREE deal, participants can CHOOSE TO WIN any of the following rendezvous dates by placing their ticket into 1 of 12 mason jars:

A FILM & DESSERT with Jackie C.: http://youtu.be/xPrdurU-imU
INDIAN ROCK & CHEESEBOARD with Aleli: http://youtu.be/laILDFC3s6o
SOUL (FOOD) SEARCHING with Sean: http://youtu.be/OsAl84sbyBQ
ARTS-CENTRIC EVENING with Marie: http://youtu.be/OP_HVo7uXzo
HAVE FUN with Jackie L.: http://youtu.be/xGNsg328MD0
CITY-VENTURE with Baltazar: http://youtu.be/cod9wn_TJWU
RANNAWAY with Ranna: http://youtu.be/gpbf8ugEfh0
E.A.T. (EAT AWESOME THINGS) with Mark: http://youtu.be/GDAgG1VuHmg
DROP IT LOW with Lo: http://youtu.be/-Uoo3x__YZQ
MILKSHAKES & MUSIC with Nicole: http://youtu.be/2KwdS9GBM4g
STRIKE OUT with Jeannel: http://youtu.be/dyAtqs5Oh7k
UNDER THE SEA with Deejay: http://youtu.be/okEg0983PaQ

Tickets will be sold during the event, and pre-sale tickets will be sold at an earlier date during {m}/PAA tabling hours on Sproul from 10am-2pm. Winners will be chosen by the end of the Open Mic event.

*Promotional videos will be released in the days leading to our event. Check back frequently!

Like what we do? Want to get involved with the production of a magazine? Have a passion for art and social justice?
Visit our application here: http://tinyurl.com/magandaspringintern.
Applications are due by Sunday, February 16 by 11:59 pm.

“{m}aganda believes in the necessity of art as a means of influencing social change. We attempt to accomplish this by providing integral spaces and opportunities for all of us to develop ourselves as creatively conscious individuals in our communities.”


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