To you,

To you,

To you,

Thank you to everyone who attended today’s Candlelit Night of Solidarity.

Thank you to everyone who purchased candles and ribbons to support #act4thePhilippines. Every single penny of your donations will be sent to National Alliance for the Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) where 100% will be sent to the survivors across the Visayan region to help with food, clothes, and everything they need to rebuild. We thank you.

On behalf of the rest of the Pilipin@ orgs here at UC Berkeley. We appreciate you. No words can encompass the emotions of healing your help and support has been. We couldn’t be anymore grateful for all that you have done for the Philippines and to us here at Berkeley. You might not have any family, friends, or relations to the victims and survivors of the Philippines, but know that they are someone’s family, friend, sister, brother, sister, daughter, son, and so much more. And for you to act for the Philippines these past two weeks we truly are humbled by your acknowledgement and support for the ones rebuilding and to the ones we lost. We thank you.

Tonight might have been a windy evening, but know that we were move by your presence and keeping your thoughts to the people of the Philippines. The people of the Philippines who have and continue to give more than we could ever ask for. We thank you.

Here is a photo from today’s event, the candles were arranged to form the Philippines’ flag.

Once again and million times more thank you all to the organizers, performers, supporters, and YOU.

{m}aganda ’27


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