{m}aganda magazine’s intern application

It’s not too late! You can still apply here to be part of {m}’s internship program! And if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me or any of staff. 

Interested in art, creativity, and all modes of expression!?
Intern for Maganda Berkeley!
{m}aganda magazine is the first Filipin@-American Literary Arts magazine in the nation! We will be working with graffiti, sculpting, acting, singing, instrumental music, hip-hop, spoken word, and anything and EVERYTHING you would always want to try! We will also be featuring visiting artists and guests varying from some of the most empowering and well known Pilipin@ artists in the Bay Area! 
There is also an option to take {m}aganda for units! (pass/no pass, 1-3 units)
Deadline: EXTENDED to September 21st 11:59 pm
Time commitment: Weekly Meetings Mondays 6-7pm (If you cannot make these meetings we can work something out that works with your schedule). 

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