Apply for “In Search of Roots”

— Brought to Maganda’s attention by lovely former Maganda Editor-in-Chief Cristal Fiel —

The Chinese Culture Center is now accepting applicants for its “In Search of Roots” program! Here’s the info they sent:

Hello to all,

We are seeking applicants for Roots 2010 – the 20th Anniversary year for In Search of Roots!

We offer you an opportunity to search for the roots that link you to the past and place you in the present… to journey back to ancestral beginnings, to the land and into the lives of the individuals who created your heritage and influenced you at this point in your life.
The Chinese Culture Center’s “In Search of Roots” Program involves a yearlong commitment on researching one’s Chinese American family history and genealogy. After exploring their Chinese roots in America, participants will explore their roots in China through visiting their maternal or paternal ancestral villages in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong Province. The program culminates in a Chinese New Year exhibition of the interns’ research at the Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco, where participants share what they have learned with family, friends, and community.

Please encourage and refer good prospects to us. We would like to receive applications soon and begin the interview process in the next couple of months.

You know what Roots is all about so there’s no need to go into a long description here. But it’s important to note that we hope to return to the Chaozhou/Shantou (Teochiu/Swatow) region of Guangdong province in 2010. (Roots 2008 was the one and only group to go to that area thus far.) So, we welcome applications from people with roots in that area, the Pearl River Delta, and the rest of Guangdong.

The Roots application form is available at the Chinese Culture Center website,

Please feel free to refer applicants and/or questions to Steve Owyang ( or to the “source” Al Cheng (

{ alexandria cariaso | consultant 2009-2010 }


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