TAYO, New Filipino-American Magazine

Earlier this year, three students from the University of Southern California conceived TAYO, “the first independent literary magazine in Southern Caifornia dedicated to the creative expression of Filipino-American youth.”  TAYO, which translates into “We,” “Us,” or “to Stand Up,” aims to be an anthology “dedicated to the creative expression of Filipino-American youth.”

The submissions TAYO seeks run the artistic gamut: poetry, essays of all kinds, journal entries, short stories, graffiti, paintings, spoken word — the list goes on. And after the release of their first issue (mid-August), they intend on becoming a print and online magazine, thus expanding their submission guidelines to include vlogs and blogs.

Basically, if you’ve created anything with any media — they want it.

Co-Directors Kristine Co and Melissa Sipin have only been working on this project for 7 months (the idea was born in January ’09), but they’re an ambitious duo with big plans: they want to become “one of the frontrunners in Filipino-American literary magazines.” They’re in partnership with the Filipino American Library (FAL), are already in collaboration with students from universities all over California (including from our own UC Berkeley), and have been receiving much attention and praise from the Filipino community — all before the first issue. They’re working hard over at TAYO, and based on their work and commitment so far, they seem more than capable of doing great things.

We’re looking forward to their first issue.

TAYO | http://www.tayoliterarymag.com
Blog | http://tayoblog.tumblr.com/

{ alexandria cariaso | m23 layout co-editor }


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