Fall Classes…

With fall here, and Telebears Phase II well underway, I wanted to point out a class that I think will be of great interest to you faithful readers:

Anthropology 150 (4 units)
Utopia: Art and Power in Modern Times
Course Format: Four hours of lecture per week.
Description: Modern times have been dominated by utopian visions of how to achieve a happy future society. Artists in competing social systems played a central role in the development of these visions. But artistic experiments were filled with paradoxes, contributing to the creation not only of the most liberating and progressive ideals and values but also to the most oppressive regimes and ideologies. The course questions: what is art, what can it achieve and destroy, what is beauty, artistic freedom, and the relationship between esthetics, ethics, and power?

TuesThurs 2-3:30p | 155 Kroeber
CCN: 02603

Be sure to check out the History of Art and Practice of Art departments for more great classes. Good luck scheduling!

{ alexandria cariaso | m23 layout co-editor }


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