NY Internship!

For those in New York (or looking for an excuse to go), here’s a great internship opportunity from the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA). It’s sort of a seminar/internship hybrid and is filled on a first-come first-served basis. And also, each internship/seminar lasts a couple of hours for 1 day  and costs $35 (though considering the experience and the potential connections, it could be more than worth the $35. Then again, if you’re traveling from the West Coast, that is a little pricey for just one day). To register for these, you have to first register on the MPA web site, but that’s free.

Here’s the information from the site:

This five-session program will feature top magazine executives who will provide information on the dynamics of the magazine industry including the editor’s role and responsibilities, newsstand and distribution, magazines and internet, the role of research and promotion, circulation revenue streams, international publishing, career opportunities, and much more.

Session A – Your Internship, Editor’s Role and International Publishing
Session B – Design and Production
Session C – Publisher’s Role and Research
Session D – Promotion, Marketing and Consumer Marketing
Session E – PR, Internet and Career Marketing

Space is limited to 50 interns each and these are all in July, starting as early as July 1st. And there’s a discount if you go to all 5 sessions.

Magazine University – Summer 2009 Series for Magazine Interns

{ alexandria cariaso | m23 layout co-editor }


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