Congratulations Maganda Staff 2009-2010!

Editors-in-Chief: Justine Rivero and Justin Gonzaga

Literary Editor: Reena Flores

Managing Editors/Layout Editors: Alexandria Cariaso and Adrienne Wong

Media Editor: Jason Espinoza

Creative Director: Daniel Santos

Finance and Marketing Director: Melissa David

Marketing Team: Sherelle Villacorta, Trishia Salindang, Sandy Ngo

Events Coordinator: Erika Pallasigui

Human Resources: Jacqueline Fauni

Webmaster: Josh Jimenez

Consultants: Patricia Carino, Brian Adrias, Matthew Yagyagan, Christine Fukushima, Jan Crisostomo, Willie Joe Marquez, Christine Villanueva, Aimee Sison, Alex Tan

Congratulations also to this year’s graduating seniors: Editor-in-Chief Cristal Fiel and Events Coordinator Elaine Legaspi. WOOOO!! YAYYY!! YOU GRADUATED!!!! Thank you for sharing your time, your love, and your beautiful selves with {M}22. On behalf of {M}22 staff: Congratulations and good luck. We’ll miss you.

{ alexandria cariaso | m22 finance and marketing director }


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