RIP Manong Al Robles

Al Robles Attribution

On Saturday, May 2nd, poet and activist Al Robles (right) passed away after suffering from a brief illness. Robles was a significant figure in the Pilipino community, known especially for his role in the eviction protest and rebuilding of the International Hotel in San Francisco. But as important as was his political activism, many Pilipinos and non Pilipinos recollect with fondness Robles’ loving personality and amiable character.

Robles passing was felt throughout the Asian community in general, and a memorial service was paid in his honor recently [Youtube].

His presence will be sorely missed, his accomplishments remembered, and his poetry will remain an indelible  mark on the community he so faithfully served and who will never forget their beloved Manong Al Robles. Rest in peace.

For online tributes and more information about Robles, visit: Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc.
Al Robles published a collection of poetry: Rappin’ with 10,000 Carabaos in the Dark (1996)

image (c) anna l. conti, flickr

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3 thoughts on “RIP Manong Al Robles

    @ SOMArts Cultural Center
    934 Brannan Street (b/w 8th & 9th Sts.) San Francisco, CA 94103
    +1 (415) 863-1414

    The Journey Continues

    A life celebration For Al Robles Manong,Poet,Muscian,Activist,Father,Son,Brother,Uncle Friend

    A Potluck Celebration featuring
    Poetry Readings, Live Jazz.Musical Performances, Dance, Martial arts, and you.

    You are welcome to bring a poem, sing a song, bring your instrument, share a dish, volunteer, speak a few words, or just listen and enjoy just like Manong Al would have wanted

    If you would like to help with anything volunteer to setup/clean up…Or give a donation of food or a performance or perhaps just give a kind word or thought

    Manong Al’s Spirit is now dancing among the Caribou

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