In Love Again

Periodically throughout the next few months, you’ll have the pleasure of hearing from a student in Maganda’s Production DeCal class, the lovely folks who use their mad, creative skills to design and perfect the aesthetic quality of our magazine. Below is the first feature from one of our talented students. Keep reading to see what inspires her.

Greetings, all.

I’ve always found it interesting and slightly off putting when once-charming entities lose their seductive quality. For example, when I first arrived to Berkeley I was smitten. I was drawn to Berkeley’s gritty smokeshops, to its impassioned street performers, its unique street vendors, its beat-up sidewalks, its shocking art stores; I was drawn to it. I was especially attracted to Telegraph St., the street that acts as Berkeley’s aorta; it draws energy in and out from its heart, the university. When I say that Berkeley had me smitten, I don’t mean that I was pleasantly delighted. No no no, I was enamored, infatuated, hypnotized by its presence. My heart would skip a beat, I’d get all flustered, and I’d be sure to laugh at all its jokes — now it’s six months later and I don’t even look twice. Now I walk to and from my apartment as quickly as possible, not even noticing if my love, the city of Berkeley, had tried a new perfume, or gotten a haircut, or bought a new dress or something. Needless to say, my new love and I passed the honeymoon phase and entered the ‘relationships-take-work’ phase.

Depressing, right? Not so much, because falling in love with the man, woman, or city the second time around is even more enchanting. About a week ago, on Friday, after the sky decided to throw waterballoons at Berkeley, I saw it again. When the sky cleared and the air crisped, my lover got her groove back. I walked the same direction home that I walked every day. Straight, right, left. However, the city had up and gotten all doll’d up just for me and I swear it was like our first kiss all over again. The butterflies, the awkwardness of being caught stealing a glance, we were falling in love for the second time. It was as though every building had been rebuilt and reaged to perfection. The sidewalks were more ornately cracked and uneven than usual. Even the same humorously crude graffiti had somehow gotten cruder. Minus the sarcasm and my untranslateable humor, I was moved. This city recaught my attention, and this time it was even more powerful.

My point is, it’s a good idea to take a look at the things that inspired you before. Even more simply, take a look at the things that you just haven’t taken the time to look at. Inspiration can suckerpunch you at any moment and before you know it, you’re falling… in love (I had to). Inspiration can come from anywhere. Chocolate chip cookies occured when a woman was too lazy to mix the chocolate chips into the batter and assumed they’d assimilate while baking. Pleasant surprise: no, they didn’t. Potato chips were invented by a bitter chef attempting to disgust a complaining guest by chopping up his the potatoes sinfully thin and dousing it in salt. Surprise: delicious. Those examples, though interesting, might be irrelevant, but I’ll try to remedy that. Take a look around you, really look around you, get acquainted with your environment, ask it to get coffee with you and you may be unexpectedly inspired. Maybe you’ll invent chocolate chip cookies.

{Kathleen Limon/Production DeCal Staff}

The sidewalks agree.
I took this picture of my luvah (Berkeley) and me on my way home last week. It was the day we rekindled our love and had hot makeup home-walking.

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