Call For Submissions: Walang Hiya

Interested in getting your work published in other spaces aside from Maganda? Below is the Call for Submissions for Walang Hiya, a literary anthology published by Arkipelago Books.

Call For Submissions

Walang Hiya … literature taking risks toward liberatory practice
Will be published by Arkipelago Press Spring 2009

  • Walang Hiya … literature taking risks toward liberatory practice is a literary anthology committed to using the narrative as a departure point for personal and political transformation. We seek to challenge the boundaries and cultural norms, sharing our stories without shame.
  • Walang Hiya believes in the idea of Cultural Work or the use of artistic expression as a form of education and community mobilization.
  • We feature emerging Pilipina/o artists, works that capture the spirit of innovation and contradiction.
  • We pay homage to the literary roots of our Diaspora and with this offering hope to embrace the future tense.
  • Walang Hiya seeks submissions in the form of prose, poetry and short story.

We are interested in the stories that move beyond the identity politic to embrace other
forms of coming to oneself as individuals and as a people. We’ve read the stories of
Pilipina/o pride and reclaiming our culture, but what’s next? We are familiar with
characters caught in the culture clash hovering around notions of identity and homeland
that helped shape the literature of our Diaspora, but what is on the horizon?

We seek submissions exploring the space of contradiction where our stories live:

  • What are the resiliency stories borne out of our legacy of colonization?
  • How do we as Pilipinas/os transform accepted norms, whether positive or negative, in religion/spirituality, language and culture?
  • How do we practice a healthy forgiveness in order to sustain relationship and community?
  • How do we practice everyday acts of resistance?
  • How do we keep our humanity in the face of unequal power dynamics … At work? With the people you love? With institutions intending to help, but do more harm?

We are interested in utilizing prose and poetry to creatively teach and speak our
experience as first, second, third (and beyond) generations of Pilipina/o’s in the Diaspora.
Walang Hiya will feature a study guide in the back of the anthology for educators and
community groups to use as an entry point for dialogue and political engagement.

All submissions will be read thoroughly and with respect. If selected for the Walang
Hiya anthology, additional editing may be required. The author(s) will be contacted
directly for input.

  • Submission Deadline: December 5, 2008
  • Submissions should be no more than 3,000 words, double-spaced, single-sided, 12-point font
  • Please include a bio of 100 words or less
  • Send works via email as an attachment in Microsoft Word to
  • Questions can be directed to Roseli Ilano or Lolan Buhain Sevilla at

Contributors retain all rights to their work and will receive two complimentary copies as

{Cristal Fiel / Editor in Chief}


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