[TODAY] 3 Generations of Filipino/American Activism Through Film

We’re kind of bummed that we just found out this is happening today when we have three-part midterms to write for Monday. But we wanted to share the wealth of knowledge, so here is information from an email:


Saturday, October 18, 4:00-7:00 p.m.
Manilatown Center
868 Kearny Street in San Francisco
Film Screening and Light Refreshments
Co-Sponsored by Manilatown Heritage Foundation

The event will feature 3 films documenting Filipino/American involvement in the campaigns addressing the Marcos regime, the toxic contamination at former U.S. military bases, and the impacts of Chevron’s oil operations in the Philippines. It will also include dialogue with some of the filmmakers and campaign participants.

Sliding Scale Donations to FACES Requested $15 to $500, but all are welcome!
Donations of $100 and more will receive a DVD copy of “Toxic Sunset” and “Fenceline of Hope.” RSVP to facesinfo@gmail. com. Donate online at www.facessolidarity .org.


“To Sing Your Own Song” by BBC — Documents human rights abuses of the Marcos regime and the links between the Marcos regime and the United States
“Toxic Sunset” by Ben Pimentel and Louella Lasola — Documents the trail of hazardous waste left by the United States military at former military bases, Clark and Subic
“Fenceline of Hope” by Emalyn Lopez and Mateo Reyes — Documents the impacts of Chevron’s oil operations on a community in Pandacan, Philippines

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some folks from the Filipino American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity (FACES) and learning about the work they do. If you’re interested in environmental justice on a global scale, you should definitely check out this event.

True, it’s right after the Living Word Graffiti Battle and unfortunately for us, we have no super human strength that can beat the clock. But, if you’re amazing (we know you are!) you can high-tail it over to the city for this event and hope that it runs on Pilipino time (meaning it will start late)! However, if you make it out to either event Maganda will love you since we can’t go because “we’re students first” and we have to care about passing our classes or we won’t graduate. (Blah…)

{Cristal Fiel/ Editor in Chief}


One thought on “[TODAY] 3 Generations of Filipino/American Activism Through Film

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