For Whom the Bell Tolls

I attended a wedding reception for my cousin last night.
The locale, dope restaurant on Berkeley Marina overlooking the city and the Bay.]

One of the many issues that is near and dear to my heart is the idea of the new and the old. Even more so that I find interesting is the clash of the new and the old and the potential coexistence these have. What “new” and “old” do I speak of? I speak of the generations. First generation and second generation. Immigrant and native born. Old school and New school. The ideals and values that we face in this day I feel are a part of the grounds in the old values versus the new values. Perhaps one of the biggest clashes that I observe in my daily life is the Filipino versus Filipino American. I won’t necessarily go into all the details as to what values clash when these two generations mix, but an example would be the idea of interracial dating.

Not to get too personal into the lives of my family, but I feel this is one issue that greatly affects families; even so beyond those of Filipino descent.

FYI, my cousin’s husband is not Filipino.
I felt that at last night’s dinner reception should have had a photographer. Moonlight shining on the ocean water, the candle light dinner.

Having taken numerous english classes at CAL, I truly feel that if any writer or poet of the past, from the renaissance to the moderns, were present at this dinner, I feel they would have a field day. There was so much to portray, so much to capture, from the simple setup of the lighting to the setup of the table to the color of the dress to the mood. Perhaps Whitman could have chronicled the event well in all its aspects.

Another indication of a hope for a new generation was evident in one of my other cousin’s children, aged 5, 3, and 2. To see another cousin perform magic tricks for the kids, the same magic tricks he used to perform for me when I was little promoted a sense of nostalgia and hope. It promoted a good sense that the past and future do not have to clash or conflict, but live and coexist with another as a so to speak symbiotic unit.

Last night there was conveyed on some level a difference of culture of ideals in the groom’s family and the bride’s family. There was even a small hint of the separaton between the young folk and the old folk. But the facts are this: we were all together at dinner and we were all smiling. To the extent that whether or not the feelings expressed were false or fabricated did not at all taint the moment. There was such a good sense of happiness in the air you could almost smell and taste it. Even if you felt a frown coming upon the situation, there was always something about the entire atmosphere that forced your conscience into forcing you to smile; and by my conscience forcing me to smile was no indicator of a “force” but a “willing.”

Regardless of who’s right or who’s wrong, I feel that such a contrast is a beautiful thing. I feel that a struggle between our generation and the past generation can always result in a hand in hand, breaking of bread get together.

As I saw the full moon reflect on the ocean waters, I began to reflect at this upcoming year and how this world will be shaped by a new generation.
And when I mean a new generation, I do not mean an ousting of the said “old generation” in placement of the “new generation”, but a working combination of the two, collaborating together as a Generation in and of itself, no adjectives of “old” or “new” attached.

{ Brian Adrias/Co-Literary Editor }


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