What is today’s generation marked by?

Invention. Innovation. Invigoration.

The energy to fight for a cause
The spark to cause an effect
The power to effect change

The people living in today’s world share much more in common than merely existing at the same time. We share a history: chapters both ugly and triumphant, events that have occurred both within and outside of our control. In the end, our future is still to be determined by our decisions.

As the electric current of ideas rapidly fires through the generator of our collective minds, we gain the power to make a difference, to mark a place in history, not only in continuing the pursuits of previous generations but in creating entirely new possibilities.

What will this generation be defined by?


What does it mean to you? What do you generate? How do you perceive generation in the world today?

Generate your ideas through your own means of artistic expression and submit to {m}22.

* * *


calling for submissions of any media, from prose to poetry to photography to artwork and music.
deadline: DECEMBER 19, 2008

literary. submit 3 hard copies by mail or file attachment by email.

visual. prints/slides by mail or email attachment (greater than 300dpi)

audio. cd by mail or mp3 by email

film. avi format, 10 min max

include your contact information:
name, email, phone, mailing address, type of piece/media used, and a brief 50 word biography.
to submit anonymously please include an asterisk (*) next to your name

send to:
[with the subject line in this format: last name, first name, name of piece, medium (poetry, prose, visual, etc)]
ex. Doe, Jane, How I Generate, poem

or mail to:
maganda submissions
10 eshleman hall
university of california at berkeley
berkeley, ca 94720

submissions for {m}22 are to be published in spring 2009.


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