Maganda is Crazy!!!

Crazy busy planning for two events, the finalization of this year’s issue, staff selections, and a collaborative publication with other UC Berkeley campus publications. We ambitious, we is.


MONDAY, APRIL 28th, 7pm in 200 Wheeler Hall (UC Berkeley Campus):: PINOY SIGHTINGS: FILM SCREENING AND WORKSHOP WITH PATRICIO GINELSA (director of Black Eyed Peas Bebot videos and film Lumpia)

Come join {m}aganda magazine and featured artist Patricio Ginelsa April 28th, 7-10pm in 200 Wheeler as we dive into the world of hollywood, movies, and music videos.

Ginelsa, most famous for his work directing Black Eyed Peas music videos, will be presenting Pinoy Sightings: a video presentation on Pilipino representation in the media, behind the scenes, and in hip-hop.

Pinoy Sightings, made over the course of 7 years, is a compilation of Pin@y Sightings in the media. A Pin@y Sighting is defined as a rare occurrence in mainstream media, when a reference to the Pilipino community is made. You’ve most likely caught one. Here you are watching a TV sitcom one night and all of a sudden, the main character says “Joey’s friend is Pilipino” out of the blue. Or perhaps, you’re sitting in a movie theater and all of a sudden, the cook enters the scene in the background speaking Tagalog and offers the movie star some chicken adobo.

While some of the clips may be familiar, there are some that will surprise you. Are these Pinoy Sightings for real??? Ginelsa is here to prove to you they exist!!

Please Join us for a fun and challenging night as we explore the implications and manifestations of representing culture in mainstream media.

What does it mean to represent “culture” in a mainstream space?
How do the realities of working in an industry where your voice is not always represented affect decision making and opportunities?
What is it like to work behind the scenes and in hip hop?

Come join us April 28th and find out!!

RSVP on Facebook if you wanna come!!


Please join Maganda for an afternoon of performances, artwork, raffle, food, an open mic, and most importantly the release of our 21st issue: Legal!! Our entire year has been culminating in to this one event, so it would be kinda sad if you read this blog, and then miss out. (But we don’t blame you if you’re busy!!) Attendees will get the opportunity to speak their piece as it relates to the theme following scheduled performers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Also, our t-shirts will be on sale!!!

RSVP on Facebook or email if you’re interested in going and need more details.

Also, please email if you want to purchase our latest issue!!!


Deciding who our up-and-coming Maganda heroines and heroes will be is so important that we are going to make an event out of it. Are you interested in partaking in the production of our magazine and vision as an arts organization? Join us on Tuesday, April 29th, at 7pm as we select staff for Maganda Magazine 22!!! Email if you have any questions. More details to be posted soon.


In collaboration with Onyx Express, hardboiled magazine, la voz, and Al Bayan (UC Berkeley Campus publications), Maganda will co-publish THE X MAGAZINE, to be distributed on Monday, May 5th. More details to come.

By the way, we are pleased to announce that we were awarded “Best Literary Publication” at the ASUC Publication Awards that took place last Wednesday for issue 20: Our Activisms. We’d like to specially thank all contributors of last year’s issue, as your work made it best literary. Thanks to you all, we were able to receive a monetary award to continue publishing your voices! Hurrah!! We do mattter!!! Of course, we knew that already. But it’s nice to get an affirmation from someone else every now and then.

It’s going to be an exciting next week. Join us!!!

– C. Fiel


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