Can we do it? Yes we can!

Note: This is not a post about Bob the Builder or Barack Obama.

In this fast-at-you technological age that allows one to come into contact with a distant relative across the world within a millisecond flat, we here at Maganda wonder:

Is it possible for us to keep up with the times? Can we actually achieve the status of a well-read, well-researched blog that puts out entries at least twice a week? A blog that goes beyond being a website for event announcements with (sometimes) quirky one-liners to add a bit more detail than what is already stated on a flier? Can we be what we say we are on our about page?

We’ll be the first to admit that in the past six months since our new site has been up and running, we haven’t been the blog that we said we were. And we are a little ashamed, yes. But as our co-editor in chief, Patrici Flores, has previously stated, “students are wholly responsible for running Maganda Magazine.” Amidst studying for school, attending weekly Maganda meetings, producing a magazine, event planning, and all that good stuff that you have to be involved with during college (like protests and rallies and other avenues of civil disobedience), maintaining a blog is probably at the back of every one’s mind. Our apologies for being busy college students.

That said, we are hesitant to promise that this blog will be any less sporadic than it has been, but we are going to try our darnedest to update it more often. Maganda is just coming into blogging, so we still have a lot of fine-tuning to work out. We still remember the days of Xanga and talking about school like it was interesting to anyone else. The funny thing is that that wasn’t so long ago. Now blogs have turned into an arena of professionality and the Maganda blog is meant to be professional work.

So whilst we transition from the Xanga realm of he-said she-said into what a professional blog should look like and speak like, we are going to do the event announcement thing just so you know that we still exist. And hopefully, that is enough for you all, good readers.

Here, we leave you with a quote we found in a post that was never published. In response to why he does photography, Rick Rocamora stated at our Artist Dialogue event back in October:

“We have to be the ones to define ourselves [through art/writing/photography/our actions] or it will be others who reflect our history.”

Let that marinade.

C. Fiel


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