“I Love You… Not!” open mic

That’s right friends. It’s that time of the year again. Lovers may know it as Valentine’s Day, while the more cynical folk refer to it as Singles’ Awareness Day a.k.a. SAD. Whichever your preference, our annual open mic to celebrate the Hallmark holiday is next Wednesday, February 13th at 7pm in 126 Barrows Hall (UC Berkeley campus). Join {m}aganda and other lovers and haters as we partake in a mind orgy of words, music, and maybe even dancing (if that one dance breaker comes from last year, that would be awesome).

Also, remember to dress in your Sunday best (or clubby best) because we may have a schmancy PHOTO BOOTH this year prior to the open mic. If you’re a hopeless romantic, odds are you may meet your soulmate at the open mic so you should be looking good anyway (as we’re sure you always do).


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