Maganda’s End-of-Semester Reflection


Hello, dear readers-

If you haven’t noticed yet, students are wholly responsible for running Maganda Magazine–the publication, the organization, and the blog. Every day since the beginning of the school semester, we’ve been faced with the challenges of maintaining a newer, larger staff with a reinvigorated mission, while also making sure we keep our grades at least above average (in other words- not failing). Thus, we apologize for the sparse amount of updating to this site- it’s simply suffering from growing pains. This little web child of ours may not grow up to become a doctor, but we at least hope it’ll attain a little bit of greatness. For now, we hope it gets over its adolescent identity crisis.

What does that mean for you, dear reader? It means soon enough, you’ll have a blog with a clearer focus, more regular, interactive content, along with breaking news and events from the Filipino community, arts community, and beyond. Maybe you’ll even get to catch a few glimpses into our grassroots magazine production process, which usually takes place in between Psychology and Sociology lectures.

For now, we have to study for finals.

See you soon,

Patrici Flores



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