In Honor of the Veterans

Today, Maganda would like to honor and remember the contributions of all veterans. Happy Veterans Day.

Yesterday, Social Documentary Photographer Rick Rocamora–who spoke at Maganda’s Artists’ Dialogue earlier this year–wrote a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle’s Open Forum. It is titled “Waiting for Equity.” The following is an excerpt:

U.S. Rep. Bob Filner, D-San Diego, has tried since 1992 to pass the Filipino Veterans Equity Bill, which would give the Filipino WWII veterans full recognition and some better benefits. “Fifty years of injustice still burn in their hearts and memories. They want justice in their last years. It is time that this country adequately recognized their contributions, recognize the injustice, and act to correct it. We must do this to establish our honor – and the honor and dignity of these veterans.”

Many have died waiting for justice. They all have hoped that justice will prevail and that they will be fully recognized as veterans for their services fighting for democracy and freedom during World War II.

The Filipino Veterans Equity Act (HR. 760 and S.57) is again pending before the Congress. The Rescission Act of 1946 gave nationals from 60 other countries veterans’ status – but not Filipinos. They were singled out for exclusion. The pending bill will restore this status and bestow full honor and recognition on the Filipino veterans.

For those who died waiting, I will wait for them. They deserve justice, even after death.

You may find more about Rick Rocamora’s–as well as view his photos of veterans–at the SF Chronicle page.

P. Flores


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