Maligayang Araw ng mga Patay!

lunar eclipse

“Araw ng mga Patay” or Day of the Dead is celebrated in the Philippines from November 1-2. During this day, it is tradition to visit the cemeteries to pay homage to the dearly departed. Rather than maintaining a somber and solemn atmosphere, the cemetery becomes an atmosphere of remembrance and merry-making. Friends and family hold festivities and picnics together. Sounds kind of strange, but it’s really a beautiful experience where the large extended Filipino family comes together to catch up and celebrate.

Like people in the States often during Halloween, students come to school in costume. Later, they go door-to-door requesting gifts in exchange for singing a traditional verse about the liberation of holy souls from purgatory into eternal life; their own version of trick-or-treating!

Just a little tidbit on Halloween in the Philippines! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween, and {m} also wishes everyone an All Saints Day to remember!

photo & post by krizia.


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