Last Week: {m} Decal’s Graffiti Workshop

Last Wednesday was the Maganda decal’s first hands-on arts workshop of the semester, where everyone had a chance to claim their name whilst trying not to fill their lungs with too many paint fumes. For those of you who don’t know what a decal is–it’s “Democratic Education At Cal”–a class taught by students. (More specifically: Tricia, Christine, Elaine, Cristal, Paul, and Keith.) The panels will hopefully be displayed at Maganda’s next gallery event, which will also be featuring an Artists’ Dialogue with acclaimed photographer Rick Rocamora. More details on the event here.

Special thanks to guest speaker and tagger extraordinaire, Aaron Nebres, for his tips on bombing buses, and the wooden panels that were all over Lower Sproul Plaza last Wednesday.

Tonight’s class will take place from 6-8pm in 40 Wheeler and will cover the Art of Photography (special guest- our very own Justin Gonzaga!)…see you there.

more pictures from the event here.


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