{m}21: LEGAL

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Notice that we added a new category for submissions this year- film. Ever since staff dabbled in reel life this Summer, we would like to see more of what you creative contemporaries have to show the world.

On a related note: we here at {m} like to refrain from putting unintentional “limits” on what readers submit, so please do not feel as if you need to stick to Literary, Visual, Audio, or Film. Over the years, we’ve evolved from a simple literary arts magazine to a beautifully multi-faceted multimedia anthology, and we’re gonna stick with that. So give us journalistic articles. Give us comics, give us performances, give us that eco-dress you designed. We just want you to open up, secrete those creative juices, and show us whatever you got. Everyone has something to say, and different mediums through which they say it.

Comment and tell us what you think of the new theme.

Love it? Hate it?

Questions about how to submit that eco-dress?



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